Unlock Your Potential in Aluminum with Bayards

At Bayards, we are committed to the versatility of aluminum and our people. Our success is built on designing, engineering, producing, and installing complex aluminum structures for customers such as BP, Shell, and Damen. We are also active in luxury yacht building and orders for defence, architecture, and the high-tech industry.

As a BBL student, you have the opportunity to specialize in aluminum as an all-round welder, machine operator, or construction worker. With an average of three workdays and two school days per week, you will immediately apply the theory in practice while receiving training and a salary.

Our practical supervisors will guide you along the way. After successfully completing your BBL training, you will receive an employment contract with Bayards. You will also have access to various courses and training to further develop your skills. Unlock your potential in aluminum with Bayards and discover your future in this exciting field today.

Meet Wilco, a former BBL student

"I joined Bayards in 2013 as a student through Metalent. At the time, I was following a BBL course, MBO level 2. After two years, I graduated and was offered a contract to work for Bayards. Since then, I have also attained level 3 in All-round CNC Milling, and I now work full-time as a professional CNC milling machinist. This means that I can operate the CNC machines. What I especially like about working at Bayards is the diversity. I get to learn to work with all different kinds of machines. This way, I broaden my skill sets and become an all-around expert. The fact that we make so many different products in so many different industry segments is also very unique. I particularly like the projects we do for the luxury yacht building and defence markets."