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About us

Welcome to Bayards! We are pleased to introduce you to one of the world's leading aluminium construction companies. Our company is active in many different industries and many different projects. On this website you can read all about Bayards activities.

Why aluminium?

First, let’s start with the question why aluminium is such a valuable material for applying in almost every industry:

  1. It is low in weight and high in strength
  2. It is low in maintenance (because of excellent corrosion resistance)

What we do

Building aluminium superstructures and hull structures for luxury yachts and chassis for high tech reconnaissance vehicles for the defence industry: this is only a fraction of all the projects we undertake. From different aluminium structures and products for the transport industry, to architectural and infrastructural projects. From the engineering and production of structures for the Offshore industry, to collaborating with multiple research institutes and high-tech companies in finding advanced aluminium solutions: the team at Bayards has an extensive knowledge of the behaviour of aluminium as well as know-how of production technology, which offers possibilities for successful implementation of innovative ideas and advanced aluminium solutions with the help of its state-of-the-art machine park.

We successfully serve clients all over the world with established offices in Europe, North and South America, The Middle East and Asia. Bayards’ headquarters, principal engineering and production facilities are located in The Netherlands.

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  • Our Mission
    • Bayards is a global specialist in developing high quality aluminium products. In combining innovative design, expertise, craftsmanship, state-of-the-art production technology and R&D, we serve our high-end customers in their challenging projects.

  • History
    • Over 50 years ago, in 1963, Jacobus Johannes Bayards set up a workshop for the construction of aluminium and stainless steel in Nieuw- Lekkerland: a village on the banks of the river Lek.

      Bayards grew continuously, grasped great projects with both hands and expanded the market across several borders. Today, Bayards is designing and assembling aluminium helicopter platforms globally, continuously supplying the world's leading super yacht builders with aluminium superstructures, delivering regular batches of Fennek reconnaissance vehicles for the Dutch military and serving many other markets.

      Through time, Bayards built up a considerable name in providing high-quality solutions in aluminium. With large production facilities, equipped with state of the art machinery and highly skilled labour, in combination with worldwide representation, we are set to provide the world with more solutions in aluminium in the future.

  • Our organisation
    • What makes us strong

      It takes more than one person to be a true specialist in aluminium construction. How does Bayards enable itself to pursue goals and provide clients with the most advanced solutions in aluminium? In other words: what distinguishes Bayards?

      • A client centric approach
      • Cutting edge technology with a strong focus on innovation
      • State-of-the-art production facilities
      • Highly skilled and experienced team
      • Constant improvement of personnel through ongoing training

      In our organisation, more than 220 highly trained people work together. Bayards is driven by quality, cost effectiveness and customer-service. The future depends on our people; we believe that well-trained personnel is one of the most important key factors to success. Therefore, every single one of our employees increases their experience and know-how. Not only through daily practice, but also through ongoing technical education.

  • Corporate Philosophy
    • “The quality of our product never exceeds the quality of our team” – Aluminizing the world.

      This is what Bayards stands for. We do not only use the advantageous qualities of aluminium to deliver the projects that completely fulfil demands of our customers, but we combine this with dedication to customer-oriented thinking.

      The result? A succesful past and present for Bayards, and a strong confidence that this will continue in the future.