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Modern architecture is not only demanding in function, but also in aesthetics. Buildings are creations. Reflections of art that can become icons. Architecture is determinative for the streetscape that we live in, and should therefore be aesthetically pleasing. Architects use aluminium more and more due to its advantages over conventional materials, such as steel and concrete. Bayards has contributed to several world-renowned architectural projects over the years

Do you know the Lord’s Media Centre in London? The Stairways of Palariccione in Italy? Nichols Bridgeway in Chicago? We  encouraged  famous architects in realizing their most ambitions and creative ideas  and worked with them on the most demanding and exacting architectural projects. Over time, we have contributed to many incredible projects that have resulted in a number of prestigious awards.

What can we build with you? 

-       Aluminium sections
-       Aluminium staircases
-       Aluminium bridges
-       Aluminium walkways

With aluminium, the possibilities are endless.

Turning creativity to reality

With creativity in engineering and an eye for functionality and aesthetics, Bayards has delivered many aluminium solutions for various architectural projects. Bringing design to life is something Bayards not only has a pioneering function in, but it is also something we love. Every day, our experience in the field of aluminium, manufacturing large aluminium projects and our creative way of engineering brings us closer to realizing our projects.


Want to know more about our architectural solutions?

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Remarkable projects

  • Stairs of Palariccione
  • Lords` Media Centre
  • Barcelona Air Traffic Control Tower

Buildings we worked on