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Bayards is aware of the multiple possibilities and applications of aluminium as a construction material. The company provides various solutions with aluminium for the infrastructure and transport industries. Find out more about the significance of Bayards’ aluminium solutions for transport and infrastructure.

Bridges, walkways and floating roads

Over the years, we have designed, extended, constructed and reconstructed countless types of bridges. From replacements of specific parts, to complete replacement of the old parts for new aluminium structures, Bayards does it. We have worked on various projects: from replacements of deck elements to replacement of concrete bridge sections to reduce structure weight and increase carrying capacity. Bayards also constructs aluminium solutions for pedestrian walkways. Another important infrastructure project that Bayards has worked on is the floating road. We did this in cooperation with different institutes, architects and the Ministry of Transport. The floating road can be placed in any waters to offers  a solution in case of inaccessible roads and bridges.

Aluminium in transport

Bayards offers great aluminium solutions in the transport industry with lightweight multi-purpose containers. The defence industry uses these containers for their transport and our containers are used for various other kinds of transports and cargo’s as well. We offer a wide range of aluminium transport containers for products that can vary from chemicals to transports for the food industry. Bayards, among others, delivers:

-       Lightweight multi-purposed containers
-       Open top containers
-       Insulated containers
-       Accommodation containers
-       Containers for chemical transport
-       Trailer chassis
-       Tank trailers

There is no lack of options when it comes to Bayards’ containers. They can adapt to every product with different possibilities, like refrigerated and deepfreeze containers as well as containers for chemical transport and standard containers with manholes, loading doors, butterfly valve outlets and handles. With these containers, even the most hazardous materials can be transported safely and economically. Since Bayards’ containers are lightweight and maintenance free, fuel expenditures can be reduced drastically. It is safe to say that we put corporate social responsibility high on our agenda!



Remarkable products

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  • The Floating Road
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Infrastructure projects