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Due to our expertise and craftsmanship, Aluminium is an ideal material for defence construction since is possesses the main pre-requisites for defence equipment. Aluminium is lightweight but very strong. The material has superior formability features as well as an excellent corrosion resistance, which makes it easy to maintain. At Bayards, we distinguish ourselves with expertise and craftsmanship in aluminium construction. We successfully execute several projects for the army and navy forces. At Bayards, we can handle high grade welding of aluminium and assembly work and we can work conform to military standards, such as AQAP 2120. We can proudly state that we are an appreciated partner and active supplier of the defence industry.

Powerful projects

Bayards’ several projects for the army and navy forces prove the versatility and capability of the expertise that the company possesses in this area. We have supplied the defence industry with custom-made aluminium sections for various projects, or complete products, such as:

-       Decompression tanks
-       Mine-hunters
-       Canister frames for Patriots
-       Several different types of girder bridges
-       Transport containers

The Fennek

Beside supplying the army and navy forces with various aluminium material, we have also supplied the defence industry with 400 aluminium chassis for a new all-terrain reconnaissance vehicle, which was set the highest requirements on the company's machining and welding capabilities. Bayards was capable to set up a fully equipped production facility with Europe’s most advanced computer-operated and high-speed milling- and welding machinery, including a friction stir welding machine. At Bayards, we are proud to prove that even the most logistically and technically challenging projects, like this, can be accomplished!

Remarkable Projects

  • Fennek Reconnaissance Vehicle

Defense Products