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The application of helicopter transport has a lot of advantages and is very useful in different situations. It is extremely important for trauma care for faster transport of patients or victims and lifesaving operations. Helicopter transport also offers a great deal of possibilities for business and infrastructure. At Bayards, we specialize in aluminium construction for different industries. Bayards has expanded their years of experience and know-how about offshore helidecks and also specializes in the engineering and building of rooftop helipads for civil application. Over the years, we have built various helipads for hospitals, high-rise buildings and helicopter transport services in different city centres around the globe. We are also one of the first to support the European HEMS & Air Ambulance Committee (EHAC). 


Bayards’ aluminium helipads

Our helipads can be installed on any existing building, whether it is low or high rise. No additional structure reinforcements are required due to the lightweight properties of aluminium. Bayards’ helipads are maintenance free and configured in accordance with the latest international safety regulation and highest quality standards.

Bayards’ helipads are supplied as a prefabricated assembly kit and can be assembled by the your crew under our supervision. Contact Bayards for a turnkey and custom made solutions that will perfectly meet not only your requirements, but also all the latest safety regulations and the highest quality standards.

Aluminium helipads for hospitals

Most of the trauma patients are transferred to the hospital by helicopter. Emergency medicine, fast transport and good accessibility demand a helicopter and a helipad that is safe and operable in all weather conditions. A thorough selection proves that a Bayards aluminium helipad is then the best choice.

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Download our Rooftop Helipads Brochure here.

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New helipad service division: Inspection, Maintenance, Upgrade,Spare parts

Standards, rules and regulations related to your helicopter landing platform are ever-changing. Through a dynamic co-operation, our new division, Bayards UP, takes  care of the inspections, maintenance, upgrades and spare parts for existing helicopter landing platforms ensuring your helipad is safe and operational at all times.

Our Bayards UP experts are ready to meet up with you wherever our assistance is needed. More info: www.bayardsup.com.

Your helicopter landing platform, our expertise!

Operational support equipment

  • Heat-tracing
  • Lightning systems
  • Integrated firefighting systems
  • Staircases
  • Walkways
  • Stretcher ramps

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