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Offshore Structures

Offering solutions for weight limitation challenges, as well as realizing low maintenance costs without compromising on the strength of structures: the golden combination for the offshore industry! Read more and experience the many benefits of Bayards’ aluminium offshore structures!

Aluminium living quarter structures

Weight reduction of up to 50% compared to the conventional steel living quarter structure and on top of that, excellent corrosion resistance. Hardly no maintenance, no more painting, 35 years plus design life, hence extremely low cost of ownership.

Aluminium stair towers

Looking for full integration of lighting, fire detection, communication and safety walking according to the globally applicable and strict safety standards? Then our professional engineers can develop a clear construction kit in cooperation with the client, which can simply be transported to destinations all over the world. Moreover, Bayards supplies all thinkable forms of cladding, including A60-cladding.

Aluminium gangways

Bayards offers lightweight gangways of aluminium. After all, there’s nothing more important than the connection between the offshore platform, the vessel, ships and quays. The lighter it is, the lighter the powering for the three movement planes, slewing, luffing and telescoping. Bayards’ lightweight gangways connect the dots and keep it together!

Aluminium handrail and safety systems

We can proudly state that Bayards is the global leader in the development of advanced and highly cost-effective handrail and safety systems, such as:

  • Maintenance free access system
    Continuous reliability is the standard on this dynamic offshore platform, thanks to robust and flexible safety gates and cage ladder systems.
  • Heavy Duty Barrier
    The Heavy Duty Barrier absorbs the impact of sliding elements on the deck in a flexible way, hence protecting your employees. Besides that, Bayards offers lightweight and maintenance safety systems as flex barriers and swing load protection barriers. Safety guaranteed!

Naturally, all solutions are in compliance with the latest standards. Living on the edge, thanks to Bayards’ Worldwide Most Advanced Hand Rail and Safety Systems!

Aluminium antenna towers

Easy to assemble and quickly operational: the aluminium antenna tower. Equipped with custom-specific claddings and coatings, such as the internationally required red and white striped safety colours.

Aluminium helihangars

Bayards has written offshore history, with the first aluminium helihangar worldwide. An extraordinary production. Aluminium is up to three times lighter than steel and is gaining popularity, because in offshore constructions every pound counts. 

Aluminium personnel basket

Ensure the safest transportation for your people, from vessel to platform or vice versa, with Bayards’ aluminium personnel basket. Expect minimum weight, with maximum safety regarding landing, stability, retrieval, gravity, access and buoyancy.

All-weather aluminium cladding

Nature doesn’t get a grip on the all-weather aluminium protection cladding. Maintenance free and explosion-proof protection shields, enable increasing production times without decreasing safety. Please contact us to get more information about our aluminium cladding solutions.


What to know more? Download our Offshore Brochure here

Bayards complies with all international quality standards in force, such as ISO 9001/14001, AQAP 2110, OHSAS 18001, EN 1090-1 and Germanischer Lloyd.

  • Living quarter structures
  • Aluminium support structures
  • Stair towers
  • Link bridges
  • Hand railing and safety systems
  • Wind and heat shields
  • Antenna towers
  • Gangways (telescopic)
  • Helicopter hangars
  • Helidecks including:
    - Firefighting equipment
    - Lighting
    - Heat tracing
    - Maintenance free safety netting

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