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Helipads: Integrated firefighting systems


Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) consists of deck integrated pop-up nozzles, foam skid and activation panels. Standard design criteria is CAP437, but the system can be delivered according to any regulations and requirements.

The nozzles are installed flush in the aluminium deck profiles. When the system is released the nozzles will be lifted up by the water pressure and make an effective spray distribution of water/foam mixture to the entire landing area.

Standard material is SS316 for both nozzles and main components in the foam skid. Optional materials for nozzles are bronze and even titanium.

The foam skid consists of a foam tank, valve for water release, turbine water driven foam proportioner and an automatic drain valve. Foam insertion rate is 1% or 3%. Foam tank size depends on the chosen insertion rate.

The system will extinguish a major spill fire on the helideck within 15 seconds after release. Tests have shown that in most cases the fire is extinguished in less than 10 seconds.

With the system released, rescue personnel can still safely operate on the helideck rescuing people or extinguishing fires inside the helicopter.

Next to the DIFFS, we can supply:

  • Conventional foam monitor systems, remote controlled or self-oscillating
  • Dual agent units
  • Basic extinguisher units
  • Rescue equipment and firemen’s equipment for helicopter safety personnel
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