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News 2014

Bayards opens office in Brazil


Bayards’ Brazilian office is situated in the heart of the Brazilian aluminium industry, Indaiatuba. Here, Bayards makes use of local partners who do the production work. This way, Bayards meets local content requirements. An important condition, particularly in the offshore industry.

The Dutch combat engineers trust Bayards


Bayards inspects and maintains Medium Girder Bridges (MGB) for the Dutch combat engineers. These lightweight bridges consist of many aluminium parts that fit together like a meccano building set to form a complete bridge. Bayards is the only company in the Netherland that is certified to carry out this inspection work for Defence.

Aluminium helidecks for IHC


Bayards has received the order to build six aluminium helidecks for shipbuilder IHC. The helidecks will be placed on pipe laying vessels for the Brazilian market. IHC is building the complete ships in the Netherlands. Bayards delivers the helidecks, including an aluminium support structure. The helidecks will be delivered to IHC ready to use, including ship navigation lights. Both parties see this first order as the start of a long-lasting relationship.