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Aluminium helidecks for IHC


Bayards has received the order to build six aluminium helidecks for shipbuilder IHC. The helidecks will be placed on pipe laying vessels for the Brazilian market. IHC is building the complete ships in the Netherlands. Bayards delivers the helidecks, including an aluminium support structure. The helidecks will be delivered to IHC ready to use, including ship navigation lights. Both parties see this first order as the start of a long-lasting relationship.


Aluminium supporting structure

These IHC pipe laying vessels are relatively long: 150 meters. On such a big ship a helicopter of 12 tons 30 meters above the waterline causes stronger forces on the under construction than normal. This demands specialist material knowledge and R&D and experienced production staff.


Cost savings

Bayards adjusts their standardised helidecks for this order, so that IHC can place the helidecks on already-existing anchorage points. This flexibility during the design phase leads to a cost reduction in the assembly phase.


Fast delivery

The production time for the helidecks is very short. First delivery of the series is set for October 2014, the last in December 2015. That’s a relatively high production rate, but because of her two production halls in the Netherlands, Bayards is able to meet this.


Project data helidecks for IHC

Quantity: 6 incl. support construction (option for further orders)

End customer: 2

Diameter: 22,2m

Max helicopter weight:  12,8 tonnes

Weight helideck:  44 tonnes

Height: 4 m

Delivery: October 2014 – December 2015