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The Dutch combat engineers trust Bayards


Bayards inspects and maintains Medium Girder Bridges (MGB) for the Dutch combat engineers. These lightweight bridges consist of many aluminium parts that fit together like a meccano building set to form a complete bridge. Bayards is the only company in the Netherland that is certified to carry out this inspection work for Defence.


The activities consist of:

  • Inspecting all aluminium parts
  • Repairing all aluminium parts
  • Applying a new coat of paint

 Regular partner in maintenance

Bayards has the right knowledge of aluminium and for this maintenance Bayards works with Defence on a regular basis. Bayards does more work for Defence, but this job is on an annually recurring basis. That makes this order different from others. Usually, Bayards’ orders consist of intensive designing and engineering work on new aluminium products. But inspection of existing aluminium products for Defence, on which Defence personnel must be able to rely on at all times, is specialist work and is thereby in good hands with Bayards.