Redesigning your city

Bayards Aluminium Solutions knows that modern architecture is not only demanding in function, but also in aesthetics. Buildings are creations.

Lord's Media Centre

In London, the Lord's Media Centre is the world's first all-aluminium, semi-monocoque structure and was completed by Pendennis Shipyard in 1999. Bayards Aluminium Solutions supplied the giant aluminium shell for this building, designed by Future Systems and won the RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture in the same year.

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Palaricione Stairways

For the Palazzo dei Congressi in Riccione, designed by Carlo Gandolfi, Bayards Aluminium Solutions supplied an eye-catching fire escape system. The stairs on the north and south side of the building descend like a waterfall of aluminium along the facades of the building, giving the building its iconic look. With these eight staircases, in which a total of more than 11 kilometres of aluminium has been processed, Bayards build won the prestigious European Aluminium Award in 2008.

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Car park Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale

For this unique parking garage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Bayards Aluminium Solutions supplied the curved aluminium profiles of the facade cladding varying in dimensions of 250 x 100 mm wide and 6 to 11.3 meters long. The unique feature of this open facade system is that it has integrated coloured LED lighting, which makes the parking garage a real eyecatcher on the Las Olas boulevard.

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Air Traffic Control Tower

Architect Bruce Fairbanks is the man behind the special design of the Barcelona Air Traffic Control Tower, in which a 43 metres high self-supporting aluminium staircase is integrated. Smart design An important design requirement of the architect was that the welds would not be visible. Specifically for this project, Bayards designed and produced aluminium sections measuring up to 43 metres, that could be easily mounted on site in Barcelona, without any welding. The result is a beautiful example of how creativity in engineering and aesthetics can come together. 30

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