High tech solutions

At Bayards, we can handle high-grade welding of aluminium and assembly work, and we can work conform to military standards, such as AQAP 2120. Therefore, we can proudly state that we are an appreciated partner and active supplier of the defence industry.


We have supplied the army and navy with a range of aluminium materials and the defence industry with over 450 aluminium chassis for a new all-terrain reconnaissance vehicle. This project demanded the highest level of machining and welding expertise, which Bayards was able to provide through a fully equipped production facility that included Europe's most advanced computer-operated and high-speed milling and welding machinery, including a friction stir welding machine. At Bayards, we take great pride in demonstrating that even the most complex and demanding projects can be successfully completed with our logistical and technical capabilities.

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Multi-purpose customised containers

Bayards is a globally recognized leader in manufacturing lightweight, cost-effective, and long-lasting aluminium superstructures. We specialize in designing, engineering, and delivering a comprehensive range of aluminium containers that cater to various industries and purposes. Our product line includes Military Data Center Containers, Temporary Medical Clinic Containers, Special Transport Containers, Living Quarters Containers, Bulk Containers, and Fire Fighting System Containers, all of which meet the highest quality standards and strict specifications. Our containers are compliant with ISO, UIC-TIR, CSCS, and Lloyd's, ensuring complete reliability and safety.

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Military Products

Bayards has an impressive track record of successful projects in the defence industry, highlighting our exceptional expertise and versatility. We have worked closely with the army and navy forces to provide custom-made aluminium sections or complete products, including Decompression tanks, Aluminium containers for unmanned aircraft, Bulkheads for radar Installation, Motorised bridges, and a range of different types of girder bridges. Our projects showcase our commitment to providing high-quality and reliable solutions that meet the stringent standards of the defence industry.

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