Offshore Structures

Weight reduction with minimal maintenance costs

As weight issues become increasingly apparent within the offshore construction industry, aluminium is gaining attention. By constructing large offshore platform/vessel parts from aluminium, the reduction in weight is significant: up to 60% less than steel.


Our aluminium living quarter structures offers significant benefits over conventional options, including up to 50% weight reduction and superior corrosion resistance. With minimal maintenance required and no need for painting, our structure has a design life of at least 35 years, resulting in an extremely low cost of ownership

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Looking for full integration of lighting, fire detection, communication and safety walking according to the globally applicable and strict safety standards? Then our professional engineers can develop a clear construction kit in cooperation with the client, which can simply be transported to destinations worldwide. Moreover, Bayards supplies all thinkable forms of cladding, including A60-cladding.

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Aluminium Gangways and Helihangars

Bayards provides lightweight aluminium gangways that connect offshore platforms, vessels, ships, and quays. Our gangways are designed to minimize the power needed for the three-movement planes of slewing, luffing, and telescoping. At Bayards, we understand that the connection between these elements is paramount, which is why we offer strong and lightweight gangways. Our gangways truly connect the dots and keep everything together!

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